Vindictus’ Campfires Keep You Warm

Vindictus’ Campfires Keep You Warm


Campfires keep players warm and healthy, while boosting attacks and defenses. Hoarfrost Hollow in Vindictus chills players to the bone as they complete one of the first missions, but can find warming relief and support through the campfire feature found in the game.


Vindictus campfires keep players warm and healthy, while boosting attacks and defenses


Campfire kits and skill books for using this feature are available through the NPC, Kirstie, who is concerned about the chill players take on when entering the Hoarfrost dungeon. The campfire kits provide warming fires that will actually improve a player’s health, while buffing up attack and defense skills. Players can sit close to the campfire to enjoy a bonus to health regeneration, and if characters sit by a campfire long enough, they will receive temporary bonuses to attack and defense.


The campfire kits also come with a handy anvil that will allow players to repair their damaged equipment in the dungeon rather than having to wait until returning to town to make repairs.


Campfires have their limitations as well and players will only be able to build one per dungeon. They also do not prevent attacks from enemies, so it’s best to build them in carefully planned and safe areas.


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