Vindictus Releases “Unveiling the Truth” Update

Vindictus Releases “Unveiling The Truth” Update




Nexon has released the Unveiling the Truth content update for Vindictus, the award-winning physics-based action MMORPG. Today, mercenaries find out the true motive behind the rebellion at Ortel castle and come face to face with unimaginable threats. The content ushers in two fearsome new raid bosses, a new dungeon, new player skill advancements and more.



Players are now able to explore the dark corridors of the Ainle Catacombs, home to the Succubus, mistress of seduction. She lies in wait to ensnare any unwitting mercenary, along with the demonic colossal Glas Ghaibhleann. In contrast to the beautiful and seductive Succubus, Glas is one ugly creature, and stands ready to tear foolish warriors limb from limb. These raid encounters will be the deadliest players have ever experienced, and a wise adventurer will work together with comrades for victory.


Mercenaries won’t have to face these encounters ill equipped. New tools of destruction are now available, just in time to help combat the Succubus, Glas and their fiendish hordes of minions. Certain existing skills have also been raised from Rank A to Rank 6 for added effectiveness in battle.



Unveiling the Truth also brings improvements to the in-game chat system to make it easier for players to communicate exactly how they want. Players now have the option to detach the chat window, block unwanted chatter, change chat font sizes and also include emoticons in their chats to other players.

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