Voyage Century: 2009 New Version Preview

It’s been 2 years since the now classic Voyage Century was released. We have been through a lot, exciting moments, stirring battles and combat in the game over these past 2 years, so we definitely have reasons to look forward to the brand new version. Some new eye-catching elements and improved systems have been added to the new version. For instance, players will experience real globe traveling, new classes, 6 new instances, new gear, and so much more…

Globe Traveling
The Pacific zone is now open to players. In addition, some supply stations such as Seward, San Francisco, San Diego, Cruz, Salinas, and Magellan on the American continent are open to players as well.

New Professions
It is the first time Voyage Century has categorized professions. Now there are 5 professions to choose from – Royal Officer, Empery Guardian, Caribbean Pirate, Treasure Hunter and Armed Businessman. Each profession has unique features that distinguish it from the others.

6 Instances
There are also 6 new instances ? the Maya Civilization, Mallorca Cave, Cretan Labyrinth, Madagascar Cave, the Taj Mahal, and the Imperial Mausoleum. The difficulties of these instances vary differently, so players can choose the instances that suit them.

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