Voyage Century: 5 New Professions

The 2009 version of Voyage Century will be released soon. In the new version, there are 5 new professions for players to choose from. Each profession has its own strengths and weaknesses, so whether you can stand out in the game depends on whether you can make full use of the strengths.

After players choose a profession, they will be able to learn their class’ relevant skills automatically.

* Royal Millitary Officer?Sword-play
* Empery Guardian– Falchion-play
* Caribbean Pirate–Falchion-play
* Armed Businessman?Shooting
* Treasure Hunter?Shooting.

One (1) profession level improvement will increase HP by 10, and SP by 5.

Let’s take a closer look at the five professions.

Royal Millitary Officer: Very high ranking military officer who is not only good with a gun but also good at land battles too.

Empery Guardian: The elite of the Emperor’s army, good with the falchion, the axe, and the sword to name but a few. Although melee is their main strength, they can defeat enemies by using grappling tactics during sea battles too.

Caribbean Pirate: Roaming the Caribbean, they consider killing and robbery to be their hobbies. Very good at melee battles, and having many attack tactics such as grappling, ramming, and short cannon attacks to defeat enemies during sea battles.

Treasure Hunter: They have the passion to explore every corner of the world to find treasure. However they also excel at long distance cannon attacks, mines, and ramming tactics. On the ground, they are sharpshooters and smart enough to deal with all kinds of urgent matters.

Armed Businessman: Good at defense, in addition, their main strength lies in repairing and enhancing ships, and healing sailors. On the ground, they are good at healing, assisting, and shooting.

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