Voyage Century: Abundant Captivating Quests

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk to players about the abundant captivating quests available.
Voyage Century is a 3D MMORPG from IGG that prides itself on its real world geography, historical design, and eye-catching graphics, that features an amazing selection of fun quests for players.

In Voyage Century, characters themselves don’t have levels to rate their character’s, however, there are 17 skills that allows each character to stand out. The 4 basic skills out of the 17 are Eloquence, Sea battle, Bare hands, and Voyage. The rest of the skills define who a player is in game. Whether this is a businessman, a warrior or a Handicraftsman depends on these skills. Based on them, most of the quests are categorized into Merchant Guild quests, Warrior Alliance quests, Guild quests, and Skill quests. Business skills are closely related to Merchant Guild quests, battle skills are closely related to Warrior Alliance quests, and handicraft skills are closely related to guild quests. Apart from the 4 basic skills, the rest of the skills can be improved through quests.

Here are the 4 main kinds of quests?

Merchant Guild Quests: Money and Experience
There are merchant guilds in almost every city, and the rewards for many merchant guild quests are extremely large. Millions and sometimes even tens of millions of silver coins and abundant experience are the rewards for a simple quest, no wonder so many players have been doing business quests.
Warrior Alliance Quests: Abundant and various Skill Experience Rewards
Warrior Alliance Quests are relatively difficult to complete, so the rewards of various amounts of skill experience are quite decent. The 3 basic skills, sea battle, voyage, and bare hands can be improved through these kinds of quests. In addition, players have the chance to obtain many advanced potions and books this way.

Guild Quests: Eternal Glory
When it comes to Guild Quests, “too difficult” may be the first 2 words that come to players’ minds. It usually takes a lot of effort to complete a Guild quest, however once it’s been completed, players are awarded a unique title that will make them look very special. So there are still many players who strive to complete these quests.

Land Battle Skill quests: Easy leveling, Easy rewards
There are hundreds of easy quests with big rewards (abundant experience, prizes, etc.) for players to experience. Also, these quests can be done repeatedly, which means players can do a quest with big rewards as many times as they want. Doesn’t it sound great?

Chart your own course to adventure with Voyage Century!

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