Voyage Century: Armed Ships

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to be talking about different Levels of armed ships.
Voyage Century has been around for almost 2 years, during which it
has changed a lot. Some elements of the game can now only be found in
our memory’s and experiences, so today let’s go back to the past and
take a look at those armed ships that steered by us before.
Level 1 Armed Ship. Required little material and
money to build, and was probably our first Armed Ship. However, the
overall performance was quite reliable and much appreciated by many new
Level 2 Armed Ship. When your Military Equipment
reached Level 11, then you could upgrade your ship to Level 2. It was
not very hard to reach Level 2, but Level 2 Armed ships were more firm
and fit to fight in real battles. The required materials were a little
hard to get, but you still could collect all of them on your own.
Level 3 Armed Ships were even less commonly seen
roaming the high seas. Level 3 felt like the upper limit at that time.
It was not because it was hard to collect all the required materials,
it was actually because the upgrade process was a little complicated.
More patience was needed than most players had. This ship was more firm
than Level 2 armed ships, and it just looked very cool. That was why
some players would rather be behind the helm of one of these than
other, better ships.  
Level 4 Armed Ships were legendary. First, few
players knew where to go to upgrade to Level 4, and armed ships were a
big luxury for players in the beginning. At that time, a Level 4 Armed
Ship could even be compared to today’s Level 10 Battleships. In
addition, it’s one of the best looking ship designs.
To see the different level battleships, visit the <a href="Screenshot section.

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