Voyage Century: Big Reward For Card Contest

Voyage Century Online ( ) will prepare big reward for all players in the coming contest. The Christmas Card Contest held by Voyage Century has already ended, and since many players think this kind of contest is meaningful and interesting, we have decided to hold a second Festival Card Contest. The VCO Anniversary Equipment will be your big reward this time.

Event Location: VCO Festival Card Section
Event Duration: Long Term
Prize: 500 item mall points for every card which is accepted by VCO!
If your works for every festival are accepted by VCO, you will be rewarded with VCO Anniversary Equipment.
Anniversary Equipment:
Anniversary Necklace: Increases HP recovery speed by 300%
Anniversary Amulet: Increases HP recovery speed by 300%
Anniversary Ring: Increases HP recovery speed by 200%
Event Rules:
1. We will open all the festival zones, and your works should be titled with the corresponding festival names and posted in the corresponding festival zone.
2. Participants should post their works with their accounts, server names, and gender.
3. Your works should be related to Voyage Century.
4. Replies containing offensive/vulgar/obscene language are prohibited.
5. Your works should be original, and if there are duplicates, the one posted first will count.
6. If some of your works are really good, you will be rewarded.
7. If your works for every festival are good, you will obtain extra rewards, and your name will be listed in the “Voyage Century E-Book” forever.

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