Voyage Century: Christmas Events

Christmas is coming closer and closer, so most players probably can’t wait to enjoy an enormous Christmas dinner. But before you enjoy the banquet, why don’t you warm up your appetite with some challenges? To get you into the Christmas spirit, we are holding some captivating events with big rewards ? check it out!

Event 1: Promote Peace on Earth
Kind Man Hu at Bombay Dock is calling upon players to teach the Sirens and Taj Mahal Phantoms a lesson, after they killed many innocent civilians at the Taj Mahal recently. Once you kill 10 sirens and Taj Mahal Phantoms, you need to bring a sea mermaid to Hu to claim a Christmas gift box. The box contains various gems and vouchers which can be exchanged for advanced gear or items.

Event 2: Santa Claus’ Trouble
With Christmas coming soon, Santa Claus has been busy preparing gifts for us. However, recently, he accidentally lost his elks, so he can’t manage to collect enough materials to make gifts. Now he and his 4 elves are in Seville Port looking for help.
During the event, you should help Santa Claus to collect various materials and he will give you big rewards in return for your favor.

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