Voyage Century: Christmas Warm-ups

When December rolls around, everyone here at IGG can’t help but think of Christmas. So the good people at Voyage Century are going to put some seasonings on the holidays to make this one HOT Christmas.

2.5x Drop Rate Event
Starting on December 1st, this event will offer players the chance to get 2.5x drop rates. Those players who have been looking for mysterious treasures shouldn’t miss this rare opportunity.

2.5x Profits from Business Trips
Players will enjoy 2.5x profits from business trips from December 1st to December 7th. Meanwhile players can buy Sea Mermaid in the Item Mall to prevent them from being hit by storms.

Ordinary Gear for Advanced Gear
Freezing gear is probably the best gear in Voyage Century right now. During the event, players will be able to exchange for freezing gear until December 31st.

Exciting and amazing things happen every day of December in Voyage Century!

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