Voyage Century: City-Building System Update Rules

With the new version of VCO test approaching the end, the City-Building System update will be released soon.

The following steps will tell you how to build your own port.
First Step: Complete the following colony quests. Please click the link blow to find out more info

Second Step: Sail your ship to the high sea to find those ports that haven’t been built. (those ports are among the Black Sea, North America, South America, Australia, Asia, etc…). By right clicking the cornerstone, a dialogue box will pop up. You can choose the style of the port, and preview the port. Then finish the creation of the port..

Creation Requirements
Guild Leader
Level 5 Guild
Your guild can only create 1 port

The area in which you want to create your port must have the port available for you to create, and the port hasn’t been created before.

Avaialable Port Locations
Black Sea Area: 6 ports
North Sea Area: 3 ports
North Atlantic Area: 6 ports
South Atlantic Area: 6 ports
East Atlantic Area: 2 ports
Asia Pacific Area: 4 ports
India Pacific Area: 4 ports
Australia Pacific Area: 2 ports

City Style
After clicking the cornerstone, you will be able to choose the style of the port you want to create. Then your port will develop in that direction.

1. Village – Looks forward to the fun and farmland and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery

2. Industrial Town – Lead a stressful life, because everyday is a busy day. Industrial factories are everywhere, which is worthy of the name Military Port.

3. Pirate City Freedom, and enjoying life. Drinking and dancing day and night.

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