Voyage Century: Crazy Quizzes Available Soon

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to give you a little preview of the upcoming quiz system.

Sometimes players get tired of business trips, monster killing, sea battle, or quests, and want to do something different in game. To take care of this, Voyage Century will be launching an online quiz to help broaden their players horizons and also offer them some really nice rewards.

The quiz will deal with diverse subjects ranging from science to sports, space, geography, biology, and even common sense. It is worth mentioning that all of the questions have been suggested by VCO players. In fact the VCO team is still seeking additional questions, so if you have a few brain teasers you’ve been saving, simply head on over to the Voyage Century forum to post them.

Players can obtain credits or items as long as they can give the correct answer to a question. In addition, they will obtain extra credits if they can pass the whole quiz. (credits can be exchanged for rare items in game).

Player will be able to view other participants’ results after they’ve finished the quiz. The results will determine their final rank, which in turn determines their rewards.

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