Voyage Century Feature: Deathly Treasure Quest

With the coming of Voyage Century ( The New version – Deathly Treasure Quest, information about the new edition will be exposed to players gradually.

In the new edition, Stormy Island is included and is swarming with lots of alien-like creatures and intricate mazes (Stormy Island beach, Mine Cave, Lizard Cave, Cliff Vally and Ancient Grave). All these newly added elements give you the feeling of jungle exploration, like the movies Indiana Jones and Pirates of Caribbean.

Experiencing these with dangers, the rewards must be generous; level 2 skill book of snipers and falchion, impeccable diamonds with special attributes; these have been prepared for the truly brave who dare to venture these forbidding places to complete the tasks.

Want to test how many special rewards you can collect and how many mazes you can conquer? Voyage Century is waiting for you.

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