Voyage Century: Fleets, Guilds and Merchant Alliances, Oh My!

IGG has just unveiled the latest expansion to its MMO hit Voyage Century Online. In the month since its debut, players have been getting to know the new features much better, making their way into the new realms and, most importantly, learning the intricacies of the relationship between Fleets, Guilds and Alliances.
Today we are going to be learning even more about this.
Fleet vs. Guild:
A Guild is made up of several different fleets. It is the Fleet Captains who are authorized to apply to join a guild. When membership is approved by guild leaders, these fleets will be affiliated with the guild they belong to. All fleet staff will thus become legitimate guild members.
Individual fleet members are not allowed to be employed by other fleets in the same guild. It is understood that each member of a fleet has an unspoken bond with the fleet they serve. They must quit before joining any new fleet.
If a Fleet Captain leaves a fleet, the Vice Fleet Captain will be automatically promoted to the position of Fleet Captain. However, in case there is no Vice Fleet Captain, the Fleet Captain’s application to quit will be declined. Fleet Captains will also be removed from a Fleet after being removed from a guild.
If a Fleet Captain who is also a guild leader decides to disband their fleet, all fleet members will be kicked out and the Vice guild leader will be appointed as the next guild leader. If there is no vice guild leader, one of the Fleet Captains from another fleet will be chosen to act as the guild leader. The guild will be disbanded if there is only one fleet left. Therefore, each guild must try hard to recruit as many fleets as they can and ensure they have enough gold in the guild bank.
Guild vs. Merchant Alliance
Guilds are affiliates of the Merchant Alliance. It is a violation of PK rules for two guilds from different Alliances to ally with each other, or two guilds in the same Merchant Alliance to act with hostility to each other in PK combat, or even to declare war on each other.
Guilds attached to the same Merchant Alliance can bid for Siege War and scramble for control of cities in the Merchant Alliance.
The city governors of any Guild Built City Level 5+ will receive the title of Alliance Leader for victory in Siege War while occupying this city. Alliance Leaders also can’t change their identity as a guild leader in any way during their tenure.
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