Voyage Century: Halloween Carnival

With Halloween fast approaching, the folks at Voyage Century have prepared a lot of captivating events for their players.

Event 1: Horrible Invasion
Ghosts, skeletons, mummies, vampire bats, and other scary monsters are planning to attack Madeira and Reykjavik. Some of the Bosses are also known to be carrying a lot of treasures. Bet you can’t wait to get stuck in, eh?

Event 2: Crazy Shapeshifting
During Halloween, our GM will be have a limited number of shapeshifting scrolls, players will be able to transform into Skull Bowmen, Anubis, Soul-taking Mummies, Minotaurs, Lightning Sirens and even more scary creatures. Then they can go to scare everyone around. Who knows there may even be candy!!!

Event 3: Halloween Clouds
Halloween clouds are totally different from the storm clouds that could cause so much damage to your ship at sea. On contrary, these Halloween clouds could bring you treasures. There is a possibility that you could win silver coins, items used to recover HP or SP, high level or secondary jewelry and even some rare items like Holy Water by opening the Rainbow Gift Packages.

Apart from these captivating events, Voyage Century will be holding the 2x Exp and 3x dropping rate events during Halloween.

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