Voyage Century: Hidden Classes

Grab free iPhone Touch, keep eyes on Triple Surprise event ( Voyage Century ( is a 3D navigation game which contains 17 skills and 3 classes. The three classes are Wrestler, Merchant, and Militarist. Along with the change of versions, the fourth and fifth classes have successively turned up.

1. Digger

In order to know more about this class, you need to know about the Treasure System before. Players can obtain 4 kinds of fragments of the Treasure Map, then they can exchange enough fragments for a treasure map in Barcelona which records the secrets of treasure worldwide.

Since the Treasure Map System has been added to the game, and players need some items among the treasure, a new class has emerged, called the "Digger". They are good at exploring and digging treasure, because they make a living by selling these treasures. This is a very demanding class that not only needs patience and wisdom but also risks lives sometimes.

2. Zealot

Player can usually bump into some advanced players who are wearing flashy clothes in Lisbon, Stockholm and Seville, the only dream in their life is to obtain the top equipment, so it’s a very common to see a bunch of people waiting around the spawn venue of bosses in order to obtain treasure by killing bosses; sometimes you can see over 10 players fighting against only one boss, which will definitely amaze you. You have to admire how high their willpower is!

With the continuing update of "Voyage Century", more and more hidden "special classes" will be released. These new classes will definitely enrich the contents of the game, and the game market will be completed gradually.
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