Voyage Century: Item Mall Summer New Arrivals

A serial of Skill Promotion Handbook has arrived in Voyage Century item mall! That’s good news for the players who are fond of skill learning. When Phase 2 skills reach the upper limit of 8, players can continue to upgrade Phase 2 skills by using this handbook. While using the Skill Promotion Handbook, the specific skills will upgrade to Phase 2. Just a simple click, player’s character will be more capable. For more details, please go to Item Mall (

Skill Promotion Handbook helps player be an all-round navigator. The idea of producing this item is originated from fancy VCO fans who are still not satisfied with the fixed 8 skills and expects more. After learning this, IGG developing team commence to create this item. They believe this item can maximize the character’s capability to all the fields and conquer the world.

Voyage Century is always to create the gaming atmosphere—–player orientation. We are trying to make full use of our resources and energies and allocate them to players’ needs. VCO is the completely free platform for players to perform and accomplish the voyage dream.

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