Voyage Century: Merchant Alliances

The new version of Voyage Century will be released soon. Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk to you about Merchant Alliances in the game.

The Merchant Alliance is an organization that is composed of those players who want to seek the maximum benefits of occupying some important cities. It is made up of a guild or several guilds and even some players that don’t belong to any guilds. In the world of Voyage Century there are 5 Merchant Alliances – Nederland Merchant Alliance, West Mediterranean Merchant Alliance, Iberian Merchant Alliance, Islandi Merchant, and English Channel Merchant.

In the new version, players need to choose a merchant alliance to join, otherwise players will be forced to join a relatively weak merchant alliance. Each merchant alliance is supposed to weaken the power of other merchant alliances in order to gain more benefits for themselves. However, a merchant also needs to learn how to compromise and cooperate with each merchant, after all you can’t fight everyone all the time. This feature really makes the battles more tense.

In addition, the merchant alliance offers players a chance to fight as a group. Some players may not be in any guilds for a variety of reasons, so they may like the brand new fighting experience as a merchant.

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