Voyage Century: Mini Games in Tavern

Are you tired of always having to go on business trips and kill Monsters here in Voyage Century?  Well now why don’t you take a rest and try out some of our wicked new bar games in the tavern, which will be available in the coming new version. Let the Voyage Century team introduce them to you right now!
After you have reached Level 20, you can play the mini game Quiz in the tavern. Its worth mentioning that the rewards that could potentially be gotten from this game are really quite awesome! But also it will give you a chance to flex your brain with questions ranging from history to sports, daily life to geography, and science to biology in fact almost every subject is up for grabs! The bigger the brain, the bigger the gain!
Simply pick any card from the 6 shown to start the quiz. If you are lucky enough to pick a card with 10% extra EXP reward, you will get the Exp after giving the correct answer. You can answer 20 questions at the most each time you take the test. In addition, you may find that some of your questions are duplicates which mean you should be a shoe-in for a correct answer! So test your knowledge and win big!!!

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