Voyage Century: New Expansion Features

The new Expansion still maintains all the basic features of Voyage Century. However, a lot of new content as well as the many practical functions have made this game more realistic and much easier to play. Let’s check out some of these new features now!

1. There are 2 more characters for players to choose from now. Along with the previous 2, there are 4 characters in total to choose from.
2. After entering into the game, players can choose from 5 different professions. There is a profession window in the bottom right corner for them to make a choice. After that, they should go to Athens to accept the profession quests from the Profession mentor. A distinct quest prompt will pop up in the bottom right corner. In addition, the profession exp bar is just above the short column, making it easier to see.
3. After accepting profession quests, players can click the profession guide in the bottom right corner to find out about the details. After their profession level has improved, they can check it from the character state in the upper right corner. Players can also check the level of their ships at sea.
4. The character interfaces and ship interfaces in the game have also been changed. There are more inventory slots, so now players can take more items with them. Their backpack and ship loads will be displayed at the bottom of the game interface so that they can check them easily.
5. In the character attribute window, players can check their current profession. They can also view the 4 newly added attribute techniques, physique, reaction, and Willpower.
6. After opening the equipment window, players will see a button called ‘1 key wardrobe’ through which a character can switch their clothes and gear simply and easily. To put on a set of gear, just click a button.
7. Important game-related information will be displayed on the game interface so that players have easy access to the latest info. (SystemàSystem InterfaceàTurn on/Turn off Info Prompt).
8. Last but not least, the Item Mall is bigger and better, and there are more great items for players to choose from.

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