Voyage Century New Feature: Gem Socket System

It’s common for veteran Players in Voyage Century ( to have accumulated large quantities of armor, weapons and equipment which are of little use to the players. It has also been common for players to throw them away or sell them at a low price to the system. With the coming of Voyage Century the latest version, a newly added socket system which enables Players to use these items to refine gems and enchase them onto jewelry is the solution to this problem.

Obtaining Gems
In the Voyage Century the latest version, a blacksmith NPC has been added into the game in the city of Seville. With his help, you can use your previously useless armor and weapons to produce gems. Of course, the level of gem depends on the level of the items you use. The higher the level your items are, the higher the possibility to produce rare gems will be. Furthermore, you may also obtain gems by defeating enemies.

Enchasing Gems
Gems can be enchased on jewelry. After enchasing them successfully, the gem will increase the attributes of the jewelry. On the contrary, if the enchasing failed, the attributes of the jewelry will decrease.

Kinds of Gems
Agate: Maximum +4 attack or +6 defense randomly.
Ruby: Maximum +8 attack, +12 defense, +6 accuracy or +3 dodge randomly.
Sapphire: Maximum +12 attack, +18 defense, +10 accuracy, +5 dodge rate or 150 HP randomly
Diamond: Maximum +16 attack, +24 defense, +14 accuracy, +7 dodge rate or 250 HP randomly
Black Diamond: Maximum +24 attack, +36 defense, +22 accuracy, +11 dodging rate or 450 HP randomly

Classes of Gems
Furthermore, each kind of gem can be classified into 4 levels.
Rough: With 10% success rate and 5% fail rate
Common: With 20% success rate and 10% fail rate
Fine: With 35% success rate and 20% fail rate
Perfect: With 20% success rate

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