Voyage Century: New Payment Way in the Mall

In the "Money! Money! Money!" event, that has now closed, players were able to buy items from the mall with points cards they had already purchased or with the silver coins they collected playing the game. We found that shopping in the Mall with these coins was a real breakthrough in the running our game and we have decided to keep it. So, from now on, players are able to buy items from the mall without having to spend any real world money!
We have been heavily supported by our players in bringing this policy into force, which in return confirms our faith in turning it into a permanent policy in the running of our game. And hopefully even players who did not take part in the event will be able to benefit from its long term enforcement. In Voyage Century Online, no matter whether or not you have ever spent real money in order to buy things from the mall, you can still reap all of the advantages of your hard work in the game. Fun should be free!
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