Voyage Century: New Version Events

Christmas Day is coming, and so is the new version of VC. So the Voyage Century Online ( team will be holding some new activities in the new version to celebrate the Holiday Season.

Guess and Prize
To help players get familiar with all aspects of the new version, the VC team has decided to hold a Knowledge Contest with big rewards, including Costume-Changing Equipment.
Event Duration: Dec 5, 2007 to Dec 15, 2007
Event Venue: Forum
Event Content: The activity announcement will be posted in the Event Zone and participants can find answers from the official news, and then they should post answers under the activity announcement.
Event Reward: Dragon Rider Charm
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Christmas Card Contest
Voyage Century Online is presenting the “VC Christmas Card Contest” to help spread wishes and hopes.
Event Duration: Dec 2nd — Dec 30th
Event Content: Players should use VC screenshots as the backdrop of Christmas cards and post their works in the Event Zone in the forum.
Event Rewards:
1. Participation Rewards: 1 Gift Brochure (Copper Safe Box)
2. Rewards for Winners: 1 Charm clothing for the New Version
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