Voyage Century Online: Another Two Building Finding

There are many kinds of buildings in the game world Voyage Century Online ( ). To make players enjoy the game more freely, the VCO team has offered another two introductory guides as below. More guides will be posted in weeks.

1. Bullring — Cloak of Bullfighter
Quest: Tears of the bullfighter
1) Eloquence>=60
2) Amity Degree to the Kingdom of Span>=40
Given by: Dizio or Cherun
Other NPCs: De Silva — Cervantes — Sarasti — De Silva
Reward: Cloak of Bullfighter

2. Pyramid — Horus Eye Talisman
Quest: The secret of the pyramid: Search for Book of Death
Precondition: Completed the quests: The alliance with Britain and Bordeaux grapes
Given by: Ellery (Alexander City)
Other NPCs: Gonzalezi (Seville City), Grant (Athens Suburb), Geremi (Algiers City)
1) After talking to Ellery in Alexandria, I knew that there was a mystic Book of Death in Menkaure Pyramid. I decided to go to meet Gonzalezi in Seville.
2) Gonzalezi gave me Nameless book of Ancient Egypt. I decided to go to ask Ellery for advice first.
3) Ellery suggested that I go to ask the scholar Grant for advice with Nameless Book of Ancient Egypt.
4) Grant agreed to translate Nameless Book of Egypt for me. He asked me to give him two days.
5) Grant told me the book said something called perfect Eye was in some place of south Egypt. I will go ask antiquaries there for information!
6) Geremi in Algiers said he had a Horus cupreous kettle, but it was sold to another artist. I decided to go to Gonzalezi to chance my arm.
7) Gonzalezi sold "Torus Eye Talisman" to me in a high price. I will go to ask Geremi for advice again.
8) Geremi told me there was a big stone named "Anubis Stone" in front of the pyramid.
Reward: 500 Reputation

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