Voyage Century Online: Mecca for Mummies

Voyage Century (, a 3D MMORPG from IGG (, prides itself on its real world geography, historical design, and eye-catching graphics, and continues to impress its extraordinarily loyal players and fans all over the world.
The latest instance of the Return of the Mummy will be launched soon following the release of Hurricane Island. In order to protect newbie players, the instance was developed with different areas fitting players’ different levels: The legendary mummies domain- Pyramid; Criminal concentration-Iron Prison and the paradise for pirates-the Island of St. Croix. There is also hidden treasure to allure players caught in peril. Going through the Space Door and arriving at the Return of the Mummy, players will face challenges from evil servants of the Dead and loyal guardians who died to protect the Return of the Mummy. The treasure is within arm’s reach-but players must defeat monsters to get a hold of it. Fight or run away, it is also a tough choice players to make. Remember, the treasure in Voyage Century Online is reserved for the fearless and brave.
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