Voyage Century Online: Sea Mermaid, the Storm Killer

IGG has some good news for VCO players. The Sea Mermaid will make its debut in the update of Voyage Century Online-Colony Age. From now on, players can brave any storm in their way because the Sea Mermaid is the storm killer.

Storm Killing + Auto Track=Safety

In the Colony Age instance, the VCO team offers its players the auto track function which can be used to facilitate treasure hunting. When players are sailing on the sea to detect where the treasure is hidden, it is a risky little game for them if they meet an unexpected storm. Ship wreckage can not only cause serious property loss but even endanger their lives.

Now things are different. Players will benefit from the Sea Mermaid. The Sea Mermaid and Auto Track functioning together will build an impregnable protection for players to set sail and conquer the sea.

Storm Killing + Popular Trading=Time Savings

In the Colonial Age, one of the most popular events is Popular Trading. After it was held for the first time, it has been enjoying a boom among players. Now Popular Trading is the word everyone keeps talking about.

But if you ask players what they most desperately hope for during popular trading, the answer will be no storm blocking their way to discovering treasure. They want their hunting trip to be safe, easy and not time consuming. Now the Sea Mermaid will help them realize this.

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