Voyage Century Online: The Finding of Cretan Labyrinth

The Voyage Century Online ( ) has published four findings of the game. Cretan Labyrinth has stumped many players.Below is the introductory guide:

Cretan Labyrinth — Brave Heart
Quest: The legend of Crete Island: The proof of hero
Completed the quest: The secret of the pyramid: Search for Book of Death
Given by: Grant (Athens Suburb)
Other NPCs: Mahmoud (Alexander City), Sabrina (Alexander City), Hussein (Alexander City), Mayeroff (Istanbul City), Crete Prophet (Crete Bandit Camp), Geremi (Algiers City)
1) Grant told me that there was a legend on the monument about Crete Island. The Athens hero Theseus went out of the labyrinth and back to Athens successfully with the help of the princess who gave him a clue. At first, I was curious whether Crete Island existed.
2) I went to Alexandria and I met Mahmoud. He told me there really was a Crete Island in the Mediterranean Sea between Alexandria and Athens and he also said a youngster named Mayeroff has been to the island before.
3) I found Mayeroff’s mother, Samuel and she told me her son was enrolled in the army and she didn’t know where he was.
4) I went to Hussein. He told me all the trainees were training in Istanbul.
5) Then I met Mayeroff in the street of Istanbul. He was worried about his old mother, Samuel.
6) I went back to Alexandria. Samuel asked me to send a boot which was made by her to Mayeroff.
7) Mayeroff was very grateful when he got the message and the boot. Then he drew a map of Crete Island for me.
8) With the help of the map, I found Crete Island. That was not just a tale. There was a Double-axe Labyrinth in the village, but I can’t go into it. A prophet in the village told me that I can’t go into the Double-axe Labyrinth without proof of a Hero? I asked him what proof of a Hero was. He said they were word, heart and courage?
9) I met Geremi in Algiers, an antiquary. He sold me an old sword for half the price.
10) When I was back on Crete Island again, the prophet told me the real name of the sword was Brave Heart.

Brave Heart
500 Reputation
Unimaginable Brave Man

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