Voyage Century: Pet Basics

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk to you about how to raise your pet.
There are always times in game that can be lonely. Solo quests, or perhaps you’re into a late night session and all your friends are asleep. Pets can help you alleviate this sense of loneliness. But do you really know how to take good care of your companions and how your pets can help you?

1.The quickest time spent raising a pet from level 1 to level 100 should be 43 days.
2.A pet’s health decreases by 1 every 15 minutes. A first aid kit from the Item Mall can restore 10 health, so for those 43 days of development, a pet will consume about 400 first aid kits.
3.A pet’s satiation drops by 1 every minute. Pet food can restore 1 satiation so for those 43 days of development, a pet will consume 60,600 pet foods.
4.A pet has 5 different basic attributes, HP, attack, defense, hit rate, and dodge. 1 level improvement will increase a pet’s Max HP by about 46, and increase the other 4 attributes from 0 to 4 respectively.

What can a high level pet do?
If players take their advanced pets into a fight with some tough monsters, the experience and loot will be much easier to obtain. Because the Exp from killing monsters all goes to you and your high level pets, your pet can help shield you from taking considerable damage. For instance, an advanced fox has a high dodge rate, so it can be used as an ideal tank when you fight against a Guardian Beast.
Never underestimate how much a high level pet can help. Take your time and invest in the future.

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