Voyage Century: Pets Comic Spotlight

The VCO team ( has decided to hold a comic contest: "VCO pets" from August 9th, 2007 to September 9th, 2007. This one is a bit different from the long term one currently in the forum, this is an independent event. The winner will get precious Dragon Equipment.
This event is open to ALL players in Voyage Century
Location: Event Zone in VCO Forum (
1)Photos should be JPG format, less than 300K. You are considered to be a participant when you post your work and personal information in the appointed zone. Please ensure your works don’t contain any viruses. The personal information listed here are necessary: your account, server name, character name, the gender of your character and weapon used etc.
2)All entries should be in Comic Strips. You can add brief account to your work.
3) All entries should be themed on VCO pets.
4) All entries should be original. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
5) If there are entries that appear to be common in content, the first one posted will be valid.
P.S.: You can use the PrtScr on the keyboard to get a screenshot, and then save it with the default format jpg in the folder ScreenShot under the VCO game client. Of course you can edit it by Photoshop or ACDsee or other picture software and then finally save it with the jpg format.
First prize (3): A set of Golden Dragon Equipment (Helmet, Armor, Weapon)
Second prize (5): A set of Green Dragon Equipment (Helmet, Armor, Weapon)
Third prize (10): A set of Flame Dragon Equipment (Helmet, Armor, Weapon)
Honorable Mention (20): A Gift Brochure
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