Voyage Century: Player-Oriented Design

Automation may not be good for the economy, or all those factory jobs lost to robots, but it sure can make life simpler in game. As you probably know, the auto-track function in Colony Age ( has brought players some much needed convenience. However it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Today the Voyage Century team is going to talk to you about 2 more practical functions, auto-loot and auto-recovery.
With the auto-loot and auto-recovery functions, you will save a lot of time and energy, because you actually don’t need to click on everything and worry about the status of your character. Just enjoy questing, sailing or PvP.

When you open the skill bar, you will find auto-loot function contains 2 modes – “safety” and “any”. In safety mode, your endurance and load are under control so that your gear will not be destroyed.

This is actually a very useful feature in Voyage Century. Players can set “HP”, “Quick Restore-HP”, “SP”, “Special Status”, and “Ship Durability”, etc. on the recovery interface to make it fit your playing style.

With these 2 powerful functions, you can feel free to sleep when your computer is doing the heavy lifting for you.

We want to remind you that all these functions are free! In addition, we will release some new purchasing services in our Item Mall, and make the in-game chat mode more human-oriented in the not so distant future .  

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