Voyage Century: Raiding Ships Show

Last time, the folks at Voyage Century talked to us about armed ships, this time they are going to be talking about different levels of raiding ships.

Generally speaking, a raiding ship does not have the same large capacity as a merchant ship, nor does it have the same high attack power as an armed ship. It is a combination of these 2 kinds of ships.

Level 1 raiding ship: Requires little material and money to build, and has a streamlined body. A unique feature of this ship is the lateen sails it’s equipped with, which enable it to maintain a relatively fast speed even when against the winds.

Level 2 raiding ship: Looks like a seabird flying against the surface of the sea. After being upgraded, this ship has an extra sail in the front, which offers it a bit more horsepower. Players with Level 2 raiding ships will definitely be able to explore more secret areas and to find the findings in the vast ocean.

Level 3 raiding ship: Players who have it must have a good understanding of the Treasure Hunter class, and also have found the findings near the newbie city. With its stability and speed, this ship is great for exploring the vast ocean. Sometimes it can also help you earn some money by running errands for a merchant fleet.

If you are a veteran player, do these little ships remind you of the old times? Take a trip down memory lane and take one out for a spin, you might be pleasantly reminded of how good they are.

To see the ships, please visit the Voyage Century screenshot gallery.

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