Voyage Century: Resources

No matter whether you’re fighting a real war or a war in game, there is no doubt that resources are very important. They can be the difference between victory and defeat. In Voyage Century, resources are just as vitally important to your characters as well.

In Voyage Century, there are 2 kinds of important resources that almost every player needs: timber and iron ore. In Voyage Century, it’s necessary to have a good ship which can not only help you travel freely around the world but also can help you to win a sea battle. However, building or upgrading a ship usually costs a lot of resources, including timber and iron ore, so it’s very common to see a large bunch of players collecting these 2 resources together.

Different levels of these resources are scattered everywhere in the world, and time can be a big factor in determining whether you can find the resources you want, so knowing about the relevant information is very important.

In order to go to those places where there are reserves of the resources you need, you need a decent ship, because many high level resources are scattered in dangerous places where many pirates and monsters like to roam. In addition, you also need to learn some survival skills. Some resources may be worth risking your life to get, but it’s better if you are prepared. Remember, predators wait by the watering hole for easy meals because they know that their prey will be coming. Smart pirates can be a lot like lions and other predators, if they know what you want, they may be waiting when you get there.

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