Voyage Century Say No to Vicious PKs

The new edition of Voyage Century ( has been updated with the Hunting Roll. When use the Hunting Roll you are switching to the state of hunting after buying it. If you shoot down a Player with a Red Name whose notoriety degree is 10+, he will be thrown into prison at once. The effect of the Hunting Roll will last for on hour.

The creation of the Hunting Roll will deal the highly vicious players a big blow and thus hopefully restrain vicious PKs in VoyageCentury. Furthermore, the Hunting Roll is available to every player so all of you can do your share and be a righteous prize hunter. In addition to the debut of the Hunting Roll, we also will make some adjustments to the rule in Prison Break in the international edition of VoyageCentury in which nobody of notoriety 30+ can break out of Prison, they will only be able to stay at the prison and await the expiration of their punishment. Although notorious Players can resort to the Pardon Roll to remit his guilt, of course, it would cost him a considerable bunch of silver.

After taking the serious considerations of Player’s suggestions, this time around we have decided to release this Hunting Roll which we believe will return an equal, and pure gaming world to our Players. Let’s expect a more polite and fun VCO in the near future.

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