Voyage Century: Special Activities for October

Voyage Century ( Halloween forum activity is still going on, check it out now. “Hundreds of Ghosts are Approaching”,and the “GM Ghost Party” are two new in-game events being released by VCO to help players celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Activity 1

Hundreds of Ghosts!

Time: 10.23.2007 [2:00-5:00 pm] EST (GMT-5)

Content: A GM will set a stall in game to buy props and other items from players for high prices. This event will last for 3 hours.

Rewards: All participants will get considerable bonus from the event so there is no specific reward.

Halloween Activity 2

Ghost Party — Trick or Treat

Time: 10.31.2007, [2:00-5:00 pm] EST (GMT-5),

Content: A GM will be wandering around in game and will announce his current location in the announcements. Players can go to find the GM and click “Trade” when they find him, and the GM will give them a candy as gift. Players can keep the candies or exchange them for other rewards with the GM at the end of the event.

Rewards Information:
Glory Certificate: Right click to gain Reputation
Pet Whistle: For summoning cute pets.
Silver Box: Click to obtain 5 million VCO Silvers.
Steel Piece: Increases the defense power of shields.
Pure Steel: Increases the attack power of weapons.
Handle: Increases weapon accuracy.
Steel Thread: Increases the dodging value of shields.
VCO Findings: These items will give players Reputation Points or Silver, but they must first be authenticated.

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