Voyage Century: Stunning Skills

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to show you some stunning skills from falchion, sword, axe, and gun.

Lightning Slash is actually a passive skill of falchion. You occasionally have the chance to attack enemy 3 times in a row, and as you probably know falchion has high attack, so this skill is very critical.

Quite different from falchion, axe can offer you high defense. Once you use a Defensive Stance, your character’s defense will be greatly improved.

Many players think that Launch Stab is the most beautiful skill they have ever seen in Voyage Century. It’s like a phoenix born in the fire. Once you use this skill, your attack power will be dramatically improved.

Sniping is a very useful skill, especially during a chase fight. Once you use it, your target will be slowed down, and all you need to do is walk over to your target and make it disappear.

The Sword Dance could be the most artistic skill in Voyage Century. Once you use it, it’s like a dancer dancing with a red ribbon in their hand. You can see the ribbon spinning around gracefully.

Rage of God is a very powerful axe skill. Once you use it, your attack power will be greatly improved, and after the axe drops down, the ground will seem to split under it’s power.
For screenshots of these skills, please visit the Voyage Century Screenshots Gallery.

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