Voyage Century: Thanksgiving Events Preview

With Thanksgiving almost here, Voyage Century will be holding some captivating events with big rewards!

Event 1: Turkey Mobilization
During the event, Players can buy pet food to tame a pheasant, improve it to Level 5, and then exchange it for a pumpkin and turkey from the other Thanksgiving envoy. By clicking on them, players will be pleasantly surprised by what they get.
In addition, the GM will ask for some pheasants. Every level 5 pheasant whistle can be exchanged for 1 candy. There are 30 pieces of candy in total. If all the 30 pieces of candy in a server are exchanged for, then all of the players on that sever will enjoy double Exp and triple drop rates for 1 day.

Event 2: Treasures of the Lost Crusaders
During the event, there will be a large group of Lost Crusaders at the suburbs of Alexandria. Players can obtain a “Treasures from the Heaven” box from them. This box contains many precious items. To open the box, players need a key which can be bought from a GM at the Alexandria dock. Players will have a chance to obtain Thalassocrat, Oceanic Fairy, Certificate of overlord, Commander-in-Chief Certificate, Flawless Black Diamond, Special Refining Items and so on. Every single item is precious!

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