Voyage Century: TOP 5 Places Review

The Mediterranean Sea
The first station of our “Around the World” activity ( is: The Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is not only a spawn place for players but also an important place for them to explore. The whole region includes 7 cities (Athens, Istanbul, Beirut, Alexandria, Tripoli, Alger, Barcelona, Genoa, and Venice) with 5 islands as well (Thasos, Lemnos, Cyprus, Crete, and Corsica). Now let’s check out some of the cities.

The North Atlantic
The North Atlantic is an important place with the highest population density in VCO, which includes 9 important cities: Sevilla, Lisbon, Bordeaux, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, and Reykjavik. If I say the North Atlantic is a traders heaven, that wouldn’t be an exaggeration. Let’s have a look at these wonderful cities.

The African Coast
Along the Atlantic, head south and you will find the “Gold Mountain”: The African Coast.
The African Coast includes 9 cities : Madeira , Las Palmas, Dakar, Accra, Luanda, Cape Town, Mozambiqu, Suez, Babylon and 3 islands ,Santa Maria, Faial and Madagascar&.

The Hanging Garden is worthy of being regard as one of seven wonders of the world. Construction of the garden wasn’t only complicated by getting water to the top, but also by having to avoid having water wreck the foundation once it was released. You can’t miss the garden when you are in Babylon.

Indian Ocean
In VCO there are comparatively less harbor cities in the Indian Ocean than in other places. There are only 5 cities: Mogadishu, Aden, Muscat, Bombay, and Ceylon. Now let’s have a look at these east cities.

The Sixth Station of “Around the World”: American Continent
In order to impress our players, today let’s abandon the gorgeous architecture and go to have a look at the different views of South America.
South America——Tortue
North America——Hurricane Island not available at present

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