Voyage Century Top Guild Activity

Voyage Century ( will launch its first large guild war soon. The champion will not only has their name immortalized on the Honor Board but also obtain 2 billion silver coins.

A large guild war for the Top Guild of each server will be hosted by the VCO Team. Is your Guild the strongest? Come and prove it.
Application location: Event Zone

Arrangements of the first round of Guild War:
Apply: August 27th, 2007—September 2nd, 2007
Preparation: September 3rd, 2007—September 8th, 2007
Declaration: September 9th, 2007
Begin: September 10th, 2007

Guild Level 4 or 5

Contents and Rules:
The Moderator will put the announcement of the Top Guild Activity up one week in advance. All Guild leaders will be able to sign up by replying to the official thread. Officials will make out competition arrangements randomly. All players should end the Guild War before deadline. Officials will select the winner to take part in the next round of competition until the Top Guild of each server is determined.

1. The Guilds are considered to have accepted competition rules after registration is completed.
2. The official will sort out and list competition arrangements randomly. All Guilds must battle according to the arrangements. NO EXCEPTIONS
3. The battle fund should be prepared by the two sides.
4. If a Guild registers but fails to meet the Level requirement by the day of competition, that Guild will automatically forfeit.
5. The registered Guilds should declare war at the appointed time. Or else, the two sides forfeit.
6. Players have to complete the war before the deadline and cannot delay the competition FOR ANY REASON.
7. There are no rules in the PK area; Players can use any skills, articles, mall items.
8. The prize will be sent out to the leader of the winning Guild, officials will not intervene in the distribution.
9. The leader of the winning Guild will receive the rewards through live-chat within three working days. You are considered to have given up the rewards after seven working days.
10. The officials will punish a Guild that breaks the rules.
11. VCO Team reserves all rights. Please pm vcbill if you are confused or have a question.
(During the preparation, our official will arrange personnel to join the Guilds and help the competition go smoothly, no personnel are allowed to join the Guild war or ask players for their account and password or ask private questions.)

First Prize (1): 2 billion silver coins.
Second Prize (2): 1 billion silver coins
Third Prize (3): 500 million silver coins
Total: 5.5 billion silver coins distributed.
The Top Guild will be recorded in the Hall of Fame by the VCO Team (The Guild must submit the guild sign to the officials)

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