Voyage Century Version Changing Chronicles

Since the birth of the Voyage Century (, the first 3D nautical MMOPRG always brings surprise and novelty to its fans. Let us have a brief glance over the present edition and the coming edition in the North American market.

Way to the East
The first Voyage Century edition landed on North American market was named “Way to the East”. In this edition, players could experience in person the tyranny of Ottoman Empire and hunt the treasure of the Mongolia Khan, which aims to make the players familiar with the game and have progress faster.

Siege War
In this edition, the siege war system was unveiled, providing 11 cities for all guilds to show off their military power and ability. The winning side is the master of a city, everything in the city is under their control.

New Continent
The first city in the American Continent—Tortue, was opened in this edition, from then on, pirates had their own territory. With the birth of the Tortue, new skill and new tasks appeared such as Extorting Skill and Melon-cutting Skill. Further, players who choose to be a pirate will encounter much stronger enemies. The two newly added armadas— Royal Frigate of General Cruz and Royal Frigate of General Charlie Will are tough opponents of the pirates.

Deathly Treasure
Regarding to the coming edition Deathly Treasure, the first expansion of Voyage Century was included. In this new edition, teamwork must to be highly emphasized, since the Boss of the expansion is undefeatable without skillful collaboration.

The well operated and planed 3 editions kicked off in the 8 months’ time mark the maturity of Voyage Century. In Deathly Treasure, various skills, versatile and flexible gaming systems and the highlighted teamwork resemble the future of Voyage Century.

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