Voyage Century: White Dragon Gear

If you were to ask what the most popular gear in Voyage Century is, newbie players will probably say the newbie set. Players dedicated to business will probably say Financier clothes. Veteran players will probably say Dragon Scale set. However, after you start your adventures, you will find many people wearing White Dragon Sets.

As the white dragon set refining quests have been released, many players start trying to upgrade their gear and making a number of changes in sea battles.

You may ask why the White Dragon Set is so popular – see the answers below to find out why.

Advantage 1——Good looking

The design of the set comes from ancient China’s battle clothes, which usually were worn by the bravest warriors. The elaborate design makes it unique and fabulous. In that set, you will definitely grab everybody’s attention as you pass them by.

Advantage 2——Good substitute for Top Gear

It’s always hard to obtain top gear in a game, so you can always find a close substitute for the top gear you are pursuing. So far, the White Dragon set is regarded as the best substitute for top gear. After your 4 basic skills reach level 99, you will be able to wear it. If the white dragon set has been refined, the 4 basic skills need to reach level 119 if you want to wear it. The refined White Dragon set is second only to the Dragon Scale set.

Advantage 3——Cheap

As many players know, the Dragon Scale set is very expensive, but the White dragon set is much cheaper. Players who don’t have cash to burn can always afford it.

Advantage 4——Sea Battle

There are 5 kinds of gear named after Dragons, but only the White Dragon set is available for sea battles. After you complete the White Dragon set refining quest, the gunfire dodge rate and the hit rate can be increased by 40%. If you also have Neptune jewelry, you will be unequalled at sea!

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