War Rock: Call to Arms

GamersFirst, a service of K2 Network and one of today’s most popular free2play online game destinations, announces completely new look for War Rock.

The new update revitalizes War Rock for new and old players alike. New onscreen “help” features ease players into the exciting, fast paced combat War Rock is known for and the sleek design and layout make interacting with our online world faster and more efficient than ever. Along with the release of the update, War Rock will be holding a new GM Event; in this event players will have to find and Hunt the “rabbit” (GM’s hiding somewhere on the server.) The trick to this event though is in the kill, only Headshots with a Colt will win. Every one who kills the “rabbit” (with a headshot fired by a Colt) will get a random prize from free Dinar (in-game currency) to 30 days Gold Premium! If you are not able to participate War Rock will also be offering all gamers a 10% boost to Xp and Dinar gained from Friday through Sunday.

Current Changes:

– New User Interface that scales to your game resolution, Login screen, Options, Room List, Lobby, Item Shop have all been redesigned with new look and feel.
– All new high poly character models
– Optimized shadows and special effects
– New added to the Item Shop m16A4 (assault rifle)
– Updated game engine (Jindo)
– Favorite’s option added to server list

Our level designer has heeded our player’s call and updated our Artifact Map so players can now play on Explosive Mode. In addition the War Rock team released a new map called Decay. This map is a sniper’s paradise. Its cloudy exteriors and dark interiors provide plenty of perches for sniping.

– 2 new CQC Maps: Decay- Explosive and every man for himself Deathmatch (Map modified) Artifact – This map is now switched to Explosive and every man for himself Deathmatch mode.

“All in all this new update brings War Rock into the next generation of MMOFPS games and continues to keep it a force to be reckoned with.”
Stated Jon-Enée Merriex, Associate Producer, GamersFirst. “The War Rock team is happy to be able to provide the changes and more that our gamers have been asking for.”

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