War Rock: new game map and halloween update

New Map

Operation: “Dark Glow”

Among the deserted industrial district of the Derbaran city of Arkinlow, NIU troops operate a secret repair facility under the cover of an abandoned warehouse. This facility is crucial to the NIU war effort in the area.

During a small raid, a Derbaran regiment discovers documents referring to a secret repair station in the area as, “Dark Glow”. Derbaran officials have concluded that this may be the code name for the city of Arkinlow.

Now, Derbaran troops smash through the front gate and mount an attack on this secret NIU repair facility.

Halloween changes

Bloc map “Halloween Bloc” (Available Now)

For the holiday this map has been changed into a night map. There will be skeletons, spiders and floating ghost pumpkins. (Until Nov 6th)
A small area known as the “Bloc” has become contested territory for its excellent sniper nest and scattered defensive barricades. Rebel troops are already in place, using higher ground for tactical superiority; the Derbaran Military forces will have to take the initiative and move quickly to avoid sniper fire.

The War Rock team is working hard to create some extra tricks and treats. You will see these additions to the game closer to Halloween.

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