War Rock Update Available Now

War Rocks new map named Disturm is Home to the Hamina Naval yard, Disturm has been ravaged by constant battles in the Derbaran civil war. The legendary Hamina battleships were dry-docked here during the calm years preceding the crash of the War Rock and outbreak of civil war. Over time, the small port has taken significant damage and the battleships were either destroyed by sabotage or stolen by international pirates. Rumor has it that one Hamina battleship remains and the Derbaran and N.I.U. have dispatched squadrons to capture the ship waiting at Disturm. Along with the new map the War Rock team has included the Hamina Battleship and two additions to the armory with the Stamina PX Item and Double Up PX Item. War Rock has also recently put Hackshield into place as the games newest weapon against hackers.

War Rock is a tactical, modern FPS (first-person shooter) exploding with intense, fast-paced combat. Play 1 of 5 Strategic Character Classes, Military Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault, or Heavy Weapons Expert. Armed with the world’s deadliest weapons and controlling the most lethal vehicles, players attack three story-driven, killer game play modes in the air, on the land and over the sea. The game is free to download and Free2Play so players can get right into “pwning” other players from around the world.

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