Warrior Epic: Official Release

True Games today announced the official launch date of its highly anticipated title Warrior Epic.  The official launch date for North America is May 19th.
“Our beta testers have given us a lot of great feedback and we are confident that the game is now reaching a point where we can provide the Warrior Epic community an engaging and compelling experience,”
said Jeff Lujan, Founder and Chairman of True Games.
True Games will continue to put Warrior Epic through rigorous beta testing through Monday, May 18th and are accepting a second round of closed beta testers to provide feedback before the official launch.
Those who wish to partake in the closed beta will be rewarded through in-game events and promotions.  Those interested in joining can register at www.warriorepic.com.
Developed by Austin based studio Possibility Space, Warrior Epic is an online, action role-playing game set in an original fantasy universe.
In the game, players will assume command of a Warrior Hall from which they manage their characters’ adventures. They can recruit from a wide array of Warrior Classes, each with its own style of play. The Classes and the Hall itself can be upgraded visually as well as functionally.
Players adventure together in multiplayer campaigns, adventure mode, solo quests and PVP.
One of the most unique aspects of Warrior Epic is that death does not mean the end of a warrior. Instead, it opens totally new and strategic options for players. The game’s unique Warrior Spirits System enables fallen warriors to not only be revived at any time at their hall, but also to be transformed into Spirits that can be bound to weapons to increase and open weapon abilities and skills, or they can be called out to inflict massive damage depending on player needs.
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