Warrock Updates

K2 Network, Inc. (www.k2network.net), an online games publisher, announces the release of 2 new maps and a 4vs4 game mode for War Rock today. War Rock is a Free to Play military based MMOFPS and can be downloaded at www.gamersfirst.com

 The description of the maps/game mode

4v4 Deathmatch
The 4v4 Deathmatch mode is for intense, fast paced missions where small groups of seasoned veterans battle for supremacy.  Teamwork and communication is the key to victory in this mode of play

Operation: Red Clover
A small, tactical assault team from the Derbaran Military has been sent into the N.I.U. controlled stronghold at a remote desert oasis.  Featuring tight quarters and limited cover, the team with the best reaction times and communication will prevail.

Operation: Cold Cave
Even underneath the cities of Derbaran, the civil war rages on.  Derbaran troops must assault the N.I.U. defending position in the subway system where they are gathering supplies for a massive strike against Derbaran.  Fighting from train car to train car, only the most elite soldiers have a chance at survival

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