We Happy Few: Finally, A Good Gaming Film?

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There are so many video game films; we don’t talk about them so much, though, because most of them, for a lack of a better term, are utter complete dogshit.  You might be saying to yourself, “But Jason, you pillar of Internet commentary, Mortal Kombat was an awesome film!” And I’d reply “Well, no. Entertaining, but not so good. Fun to watch, though!” But you know how many people talk about the sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation? Nobody. That’s who. Street Fighter? Why is E. Honda Hawaiian? Why did it get a game about the movie about the game? Doom, featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? Only good part is the ending scene. Double Dragon? Double Goddamn Dragon? That’s probably the worst one. Worse than Wing Commander, worse than Street Fighter, possibly worse than Super Mario Bros...okay, maybe not that so much. But we’re here to talk about something positive! You can’t talk about where we’re going without first considering where we’ve been.

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Gold Circle Films and DJ2 Entertainment are teaming up to make a film adaptation of We Happy Few! I’m actually very excited for this, even if I haven’t played the game yet. We Happy Few is a game set in an alternate reality 60s British town that are slaves to a “happiness drug”. It warps their perception of reality, they wear creepy white clown make-up, and you have to take your dose every single day to keep you under control. To keep you “Happy”. As the main character begins to lose focus of the false reality he’s being kept in, you see some truly visceral, horrific visuals, and you learn that the world really isn’t so happy. That cake you’re eating? That…that’s not cake. The cake, as they say, is a lie. I love social and political satire. This plans to expand an already wonderful story, a deep, compelling, pretty damn horrific story and bringing it to life. I sort of hope it’s animated, but a physical, real version of We Happy Few? Oh man. I’m seeing a nice big “R” rating for this, and that’s going to be perfect. It’s such an interesting story, and even if I haven’t played it yet, I am elated to see it come to life! I wonder if it will be the main story of the game, or something off to the side, or even on a grander scale. I have so many questions! Maybe we should reach out to them. . .

Can you guys think of any good Video Game Films? Or even bad ones that were still fun for you to watch? Let me know below!

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