Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Contest Report 2

Web Koihime Musou Cosplay Contest Report 2



Our four fiery vixens are now two weeks into Gamania and OnRPG’s Web Koihime Musou AnimeExpo Showdown. There is roughly one month left until their big appearance and interview procession at AnimeExpo. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to the last seven days!




Here’s what I got done this week. Mostly mock-ups before I cut the final fabric. I also sculpted and cast SoSo’s little hair skull things out of resin. I think I’ll give them another once over with sand paper before I paint them. This weekend I’m hoping to start my scythe!




Drafting Sonsaku’s silk “leg-scarves”


“hip-scarves”! I have been baby-hemming/rolled-hemming like crazy! However, I may opt to fray-check the raw edges instead because it looks better without the double layered fabric at the edge.


Received my wig! Did a little makeup test.


Sewing wefted bangs to base wig for thickness.


Little tricks to add volume to the ponytail.



90 % of my fabric. Almost ready to cut & sew!


The beginning of the pattern for the shrug! Now to alter it.


Almost done drafting the pattern for the top!


The completed puff sleeve pattern. Just right!



Sushi Monster

Cut out pattern for the white blouse.



Draped muslin for the white blouse~ As you can see it will go over fake breasts.


Draped from the side – that silhouette!


Finished blouse with zipper and gold closures.


Blouse on~

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