Webzen Announces Month of Events

Webzen Announces Month of Events to Celebrate Portal Renewal




Today marks the beginning of a massive portal promotion by Webzen to treat the players of their many games to some free loot, events and giveaways.


Of course the most notable promotion going on is their “Skip the Low, Jump to High” event at OnRPG! If you hurry you can grab one of a small number of keys that will unlock high-level characters, gear, and W coins in one of their three popular games: MU Online, SUN, or Archlord!



MU Online, one of the world’s most famous MMORPGs, offers all players free level 220 characters along with +9 reinforced weapons and armor. Another successful PvP MMORPG, ARCHLORD gives away all players with free level 60 characters that are fully-geared with weapon and armor. Lastly, Soul of the Ultimate Nation offers level 90 characters with full gear and level up boxes that contain various items.


Meanwhile, during the promotion period, each and all games will hold various in-game events, including the daily attendance event, which gives valuable items to the users. Also the experience boost for MU Online will be doubled and Soul of the Ultimate Nation will be opening a new server, “Priden”.


Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said “The purpose of this promotion is to provide various benefits to satisfy both new and existing users”. Also he said “These users can interact with each other with our recently improved user-oriented portal.”


Webzen is currently servicing MU Online, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, and ARCHLORD while C9’s first VIP test is in progress. Also in the first half this year, the closed beta test for Arctic Combat is planned to kick off.

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