WEBZEN.com Expands Its Global Publishing Service to Over 180 nations

WEBZEN.com Expands Its Global Publishing Service to Over 180 nations


Webzen an online game developer and publisher focuses on expanding its global games portal WEBZEN.com service to gamers from over 180 nations!


Webzen provides game services overseas in two ways. The one way is publishing its titles with its local partners in countries like China, Taiwan and Japan, the other is self-publishing with its global games portal, Webzen.com.


Launched on May 2009, ‘WEBZEN.com’ has been publishing ‘MU Online‘, ‘Archlord‘ and ‘S.U.N: World Edition‘. The service is free and available to gamers from all over the world except for the few countries where WEBZEN’s local partners provides the service.


The portal boasts of global gamers from 180 countries, while 60 % are from Latin America and Europe. Game guides, official game clients download, community activities/features like Twitter and blog can be found at Webzen.com. Gamers can enjoy the premium item service of any titles of the portal easily and conveniently by simply purchasing W-coin, a virtual currency and Webzen believes that this increases the gamers’ satisfaction.


The Webzen portal boasts of global gamers from 180 countries


Meanwhile, Webzen has been holding many events for the gamers at its global game portal. Recently Webzen invited gamers of Webzen.com to Gstar, the biggest game show in Korea which starts on Nov 18th, 2010. The invited gamers are scheduled to visit Webzen, meet and exchange opinions with developers of the games that they have enjoyed and to experience the new online games at G star. OnRPG will be visiting Gstar as well of course!o


“With its own global games portal, Webzen has been able to reflect the changes by directly listening to diverse opinions from global gamers with different background.” said Chang Keun Kim, CEO of Webzen. “Webzen has set up a special team to facilitate the communication between gamers and Webzen. This is to provide a quality service and this will help Webzen to expand its service more effectively.”


Currently 5 languages including English, German and Spanish are available at ‘WEBZEN.com’ and more languages such as Eastern European and Arabic are planned to be added in the future. The company’s MMORPG ‘R2: Reign of Revolution’ is planned to be launched soon via ‘WEBZEN.com’

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