WEBZEN revealed ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Episode 2′

WEBZEN revealed ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Episode 2′


WEBZEN Inc. announced Soul of the Ultimate Nation: Episode 2 will be officially serviced at new Korean server today, February 24, 2011.


S.U.N.: Episode 2 will have completely new game systems all around from character level-up system, battles, items, and quests. S.U.N.: Episode 2 is expected to please various gamers with its simple and yet strategic game-play.


WEBZEN partially released the newly adjusted character balance and item enhance system on February 10, and revealed the remaining new quests and new monsters on February 17.


Newly added quests will start from the new continent, “Serient,” and they will be about resolving conflicts between tribes in different continents.


WEBZEN released S.U.N.: Episode 2 through the test server before official service in order to collect gamers’ opinions about the new systems.


“We are also planning to add popular elements from recently released games so that the contents of S.U.N.: Episode 2 will feel just like a new game. We are also willing to reflect user’s feedback from the test server,” WEBZEN representative said. “We are just as thrilled as our users to release S.U.N.: Episode 2, and we would like to encourage users’ to participate actively and express their thoughts.”


Two new maps, ‘Helron’s castle’, ‘Collapsed Etherain’ were added. ‘Helron’s castle’ is the last story map of S.U.N., and ‘Collapsed Etherain’ is the beginning of S.U.N.: Episode 2. The maximum level is increased to Level 135 as well.


Meanwhile, S.U.N. is being serviced world-wide, roughly in 180 countries, through global partners and global game portal, ‘WEBZEN.COM.’ Additionally, WEBZEN recently signed a contract for S.U.N. with INNOVA, the top publisher in Russia.


S.U.N.: Episode 2 will be launched through WEBZEN Global Game Portal this coming April. More details on the Soul of the Ultimate Nation can be found at the official website.

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