Weekend Event – War of Ursa Major

Date: August 29 to August 30
Time: 1hr per Round, 12 Rounds per Day (1:00~1:59 3:00~3:59 21:00~21:59 23:00~23:59)
Reward: Energy Capsule, Alliance Material Pack, Zero Point (bound)
Requirement: Above level 60
Key Item: Honor Emblem (Open to get some zp[bound]); Energy Capsule (Fully restore HP rapidly)
Key NPC: Sanchez, Steel Warship (347,784; 512,822; 455,864) Appears only at event time
Justice fought against the Devil centuries ago, and the war between them has yet to come to an end. You can see the struggle still raging on, even to this day.
Recently, the Earth Alliance has received a military report from one of the battlefronts, that the enemies of the space force will launch an attack against Ursa Major very soon. As an allied partner, we must go to the aid of our friend.
To prepare for the battle, Captain Sanchez has been called back to the Warship to arrange the army. We hope as many pilots as possible can join this battle, and Sanchez will prepare our soldiers with an Alliance Material pack (have chance to open an Ultra) for each successful return from the battlefield.
This weekend, a representative from Ursa Major will come to the Warship and ask for your help. After you talk with him, he will present you with some ZPs(bound). But, same as the enemy, they are good at disguising themselves. They even allowed the local raiders to steal the Honor Emblem from us. We’ll need you to hunt them in all zones and retrieve the emblem. As a reward, you will gain some ZPs(bound)!
Note: Each player can only take part in the War of Ursa Major Event once a day.

Zero Ursa Major Battle

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